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Bun Mese Catering Packages


Did you know that we also offer deliciously authentic banh mi for next day catering delivery? Whether you need to feed the masses or just an intimate number, we have a catering menu that will satisfy everyone. Bun Mese specialises in affordable and convenient catering package to suit any event from parties to corporate events and anything in between.

Tempt your guests or colleagues tastebuds with our variety of authentic Banh Mi:

  • Ol’ School  Vietnamese: three delectable layers of pork, with our full flavoured pate, our creamy mayo, cucumber, a twist of pickled carrots and daikon, shallot, coriander, chillies and out special soy sauce recipe
  • Cha Cha Chicken: Delightful chicken stipes in special sauce, with our full flavoured pate, our creamy mayo, cucumber, a twist of pickled carrots and daikon shallot, coriander and hot chillies
  • Disco Beef: succulent beef eye fillet, with our creamy mayo, cucumber, a twist of pickled carrots and daikon, shallot, coriander, and hot chillies
  • Pigsy: juicy  roasted pork, with our full flavoured pate, our creamy mayo, cucumber, a twist of pickled carrots and daikon, shallot, coriander, hot chilli and hoisin sauce
  • Pecking Duck: rich roast duck, full favoured pate. Our creamy mayo, cucumber, a twist of pickled carrots and a daikon, shallot, coriander, spicy hot chillies and hoisin sauce
  • The Vege: savoury shitake mushrooms, with our creamy mayo, cucumber, a twist of pickled carrots and daikon, shallot, coriander, hot chillies for extra pow, and our special soy sauce recipe

If you prefer a large variety, we also have traditional Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls) to complement the banh mi.

Vietnamese street food is an ideal choice for events. From our delicious pork rolls to our rice paper rolls, impress your guests with our delightful menu.

Interested in having Bun Mese at your next event, please email us at to make an inquiry.



Introducing our new Juice and Smoothie range

Craving something sweet? Need something quick? Looking for a healthy snack? Introducing the new editions to the Bun Mese family – our Juice and Smoothie range.

Juices and smoothies are a great way to get your daily intake of fruit and vegetables while satisfying your sweet tooth. We have compiled a delicious range of healthy beverages for our menu, using ingredients which are not only nutritious but scrumptious. Find out why you need to include the following superstars into your daily diet.

Meet our family favourites:

Strawberries: These vibrant, summery old favourites of the garden are a delicious ingredient to any juice or smoothie. Jam packed with Vitamin C, strawberries are great immunity boosters. Grab yourself a Red Lantern Juice or Berry Treat smoothie to get your dose.

Kale: The queen of greens! Kale is a superfood which is high in calcium, vitamins, iron, fibre and antioxidants. Try our Halong Bay juice or Green Dream smoothie to energise your body with Kale or simply add Kale to your custom made drink.

Pineapple: Blended in a fresh juice or creamy smoothie, pineapples add a sweet tang to any drink. Pineapple plays a big part in the development of collagen which is the support system for your skin. To illuminate the glow in your skin, get your pineapple fix with our Vietnamese Sling juice or Tropical Delight smoothie.

Chia Seeds: Related to mint, Chia seeds are tiny dark seeds who are a powerful source of fibre and protein. Best consumed blended with your favourite fruits, Chia Seeds can be found in our Lazy Morning, Berry Treat or Tropical Delight smoothies.

Lychee: Dawning from the delicious lands of South East Asia, Lychee’s are a great source of nutrients which aid digestion and maintain bone strength. Meaning ‘the gift for loyal life’ Lychees can be found in our Tropical Delight smoothie.

We are very excited about offering juices and believe they are the perfect marriage to our banh mi’s.

Check out the entire juice and smoothies menu here:

Same Same but different


Dreamed of biting into a traditional Vietnamese meal without the expensive plane ticket? We have you covered with our tantalizing menu of traditional Rice Paper Rolls. These notorious appetisers will transport you to the back streets of Hanoi.

As the saying goes in Vietnam “same same but different” which emphasises the similarities and diversity to each Asian country. This applies to our incredible boutique selection of Rice Paper Rolls. Our rolls are similar with their vegetable ingredients, yet have three differences with our meat selections. This gives your taste buds the chance to really absorb the beautiful flavours of the meat used in traditional Vietnam.

Our exquisite selection has been practiced and perfected over the last decade giving you the true Vietnamese flavours.  Just like a salad wrapped in rice paper, your taste buds will be dancing with the crunchy vegetables, marinated meats and healthy herbs. Below are our three enchanting Goi Cuon dishes.

Tiger Prawn and Pork Roll

The flavour tickles your taste buds as you bite into the soft texture of the rice paper. The light touch of mint enriched with hoisin sauce dances on your tongue. Pork is the traditional meat used in Rice Paper Rolls which can be found in many local homes throughout the country. The tiger prawn brings a fresh twist to this exotic dish and is a great snack or entrée.


The rice paper hugs the marinated chicken, vermicelli noodles and mint with Vietnamese love in this crowd favourite. These fresh and healthy rolls are popular especially when dipped in hoisin sauce.

Roast Duck

Duck rice paper rolls are eaten throughout Vietnam every day and with good reason. The juicy duck is used to bring the rolls to life.  The strong flavour enhances the rice paper, warming your belly Vietnam goodness.


Do your taste buds a favour and come in to enjoy the delicious summer flavours of Vietnam.




Bun Mese Back to Basics: Pâté

In this week’s edition of Bun Mese Back to Basics, we’re looking at the flavour hit that can make or break a banh mi roll: pâté! Traditionally made from pork liver with a pungent aroma, our Bun Mese version is refined and moreish. They are delicious when eaten just with one of our baked-daily baguettes or on a pork roll, both of which we have tried many a time.

Our smooth and rich pâté is decadent with the secret touch of our creamy mayo that enhances the pate to another level, ensuring all of our banh mi have a rich and velvety pâté. So what will you try it with? An Ol’ School, Cha Cha Chicken, Disco Beef, Pigsy, Peaking Duck, or the Vege? We dare you to try them all, because that’s how we roll.

Bun Mese back to basics

Bun Mese-Pork roll

At Bun Mese, we’re taking you back to the banh mi basics. This week’s edition is the building block of all good Vietnamese rolls, bread! We believe a great baguette is the single most important ingredient for delicious banh mi, and without fresh, fluffy, and crunchy bread, we’re left with sad, chewy and lifeless rolls – not fun for anyone!

After tasting our way through Sydney’s pork roll shops, and testing bakeries city-wide, we decided that the best way of producing the ultimate banh mi was to bake fresh in-store, so our customers would get an ultimate banh mi roll. After an extensive period of recipe testing (and many bread comas), we finally created our ultimate baguette – crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, ready to be loaded up with different flavour combinations. Pop down to Bun Mese and put our rolls to the test. Our Ol’ School, Cha Cha Chicken, Disco Beef, Pigsy, Peaking Duck, or the Vege are the perfect match to a fresh and delicious roll. Yum!