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Introducing our new Juice and Smoothie range

Craving something sweet? Need something quick? Looking for a healthy snack? Introducing the new editions to the Bun Mese family – our Juice and Smoothie range.

Juices and smoothies are a great way to get your daily intake of fruit and vegetables while satisfying your sweet tooth. We have compiled a delicious range of healthy beverages for our menu, using ingredients which are not only nutritious but scrumptious. Find out why you need to include the following superstars into your daily diet.

Meet our family favourites:

Strawberries: These vibrant, summery old favourites of the garden are a delicious ingredient to any juice or smoothie. Jam packed with Vitamin C, strawberries are great immunity boosters. Grab yourself a Red Lantern Juice or Berry Treat smoothie to get your dose.

Kale: The queen of greens! Kale is a superfood which is high in calcium, vitamins, iron, fibre and antioxidants. Try our Halong Bay juice or Green Dream smoothie to energise your body with Kale or simply add Kale to your custom made drink.

Pineapple: Blended in a fresh juice or creamy smoothie, pineapples add a sweet tang to any drink. Pineapple plays a big part in the development of collagen which is the support system for your skin. To illuminate the glow in your skin, get your pineapple fix with our Vietnamese Sling juice or Tropical Delight smoothie.

Chia Seeds: Related to mint, Chia seeds are tiny dark seeds who are a powerful source of fibre and protein. Best consumed blended with your favourite fruits, Chia Seeds can be found in our Lazy Morning, Berry Treat or Tropical Delight smoothies.

Lychee: Dawning from the delicious lands of South East Asia, Lychee’s are a great source of nutrients which aid digestion and maintain bone strength. Meaning ‘the gift for loyal life’ Lychees can be found in our Tropical Delight smoothie.

We are very excited about offering juices and believe they are the perfect marriage to our banh mi’s.

Check out the entire juice and smoothies menu here: