Same Same but different


Dreamed of biting into a traditional Vietnamese meal without the expensive plane ticket? We have you covered with our tantalizing menu of traditional Rice Paper Rolls. These notorious appetisers will transport you to the back streets of Hanoi.

As the saying goes in Vietnam “same same but different” which emphasises the similarities and diversity to each Asian country. This applies to our incredible boutique selection of Rice Paper Rolls. Our rolls are similar with their vegetable ingredients, yet have three differences with our meat selections. This gives your taste buds the chance to really absorb the beautiful flavours of the meat used in traditional Vietnam.

Our exquisite selection has been practiced and perfected over the last decade giving you the true Vietnamese flavours.  Just like a salad wrapped in rice paper, your taste buds will be dancing with the crunchy vegetables, marinated meats and healthy herbs. Below are our three enchanting Goi Cuon dishes.

Tiger Prawn and Pork Roll

The flavour tickles your taste buds as you bite into the soft texture of the rice paper. The light touch of mint enriched with hoisin sauce dances on your tongue. Pork is the traditional meat used in Rice Paper Rolls which can be found in many local homes throughout the country. The tiger prawn brings a fresh twist to this exotic dish and is a great snack or entrée.


The rice paper hugs the marinated chicken, vermicelli noodles and mint with Vietnamese love in this crowd favourite. These fresh and healthy rolls are popular especially when dipped in hoisin sauce.

Roast Duck

Duck rice paper rolls are eaten throughout Vietnam every day and with good reason. The juicy duck is used to bring the rolls to life.  The strong flavour enhances the rice paper, warming your belly Vietnam goodness.


Do your taste buds a favour and come in to enjoy the delicious summer flavours of Vietnam.