The perfect balance of flavours


Considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, Vietnamese food embraces fresh, sweet and hot flavours that are truly hard to resist. With plenty of recipes overflowing with flavours, Vietnamese food is a standout amongst other cuisines.

Let’s begin by emphasising that there is more to Vietnamese food than a variety of ingredients to make a delicious meal.  There are five elements that correspond to tastes, organs, colours, senses and nutrients, which form the basis of all Vietnamese recipes.

At Bun Mese, we make sure to balance out the flavours to encompass all these elements. If you’ve ever wondered what brings the perfect balance of flavours to our banh mi’s, it’s because all our baguettes encompass all five fundamental taste elements in all ingredients used – spicy (chilli), bitter (coriander), salty (meats and soy sauce), sour and sweet (pickled carrots).

Not only that, but our rolls will also appeal to your five senses. Your eyes will find them appealing, take a bite and you’ll hear the freshness of our ingredients and taste our spices, you’ll smell the aroma of ingredients, and last but not least, you definitely won’t need cutlery to tuck into this fun and tasty Vietnamese street food.

Our baguettes are a great example of traditional Vietnamese cuisine which combines flavours and textures perfectly. Excite your senses and head down to Bun Mese for a little taste of Vietnam!


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