Bun Mese Back to Basics: Pâté


In this week’s edition of Bun Mese Back to Basics, we’re looking at the flavour hit that can make or break a banh mi roll: pâté! Traditionally made from pork liver with a pungent aroma, our Bun Mese version is refined and moreish. They are delicious when eaten just with one of our baked-daily baguettes or on a pork roll, both of which we have tried many a time.

Our smooth and rich pâté is decadent with the secret touch of our creamy mayo that enhances the pate to another level, ensuring all of our banh mi have a rich and velvety pâté. So what will you try it with? An Ol’ School, Cha Cha Chicken, Disco Beef, Pigsy, Peaking Duck, or the Vege? We dare you to try them all, because that’s how we roll.

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