Winter Special – Bo Luc Lac (No longer available)


Image from The Ravenous Couple

Bo Luc Lac – also known as Vietnamese Shaking Beef – is a widely popular Vietnamese dish and is the meaty option for steak lovers. Bo stands for beef, while luc lac refers to the shaking or tossing of small pieces of beef back and forth in the wok after it’s been seared. Filled with delicious flavours, cooking Bo Luc Lac is easy and almost requires minimal effort to make. Due to this, there are many variations on how Bo Luc Lac is served and the ingredients used to make the dish can vary between restaurants, and if cooked yourself, can depend on ingredients readily available and personal tastes.

Don’t miss out on our Winter Special for Bo Luc Lac at Bun Mese. You can get our Bo Luc Lac (Shaking Beef) with Rice for just $9. See you soon!

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